Alexa Chung: Icon of the Moment

While watching Gok's Fashion Show today,
I suddenly recognized a familiar face.

Alexa Chung - former model, now TV presenter and host of Vanity Lair.
This Brit beauty is also known as a very stylish icon.

I just love her!

She's also dating the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys,
Alex Turner.
Supa cute.

I've got to say.
Those American It Girls - a-lá Olsen twins, Mischa, LiLo, Rachel Bilson...
Ain't got nothin' on how the Brit It Girls do it.

Take Ms. Chung, Ms. Geldof 1 & 2 and Ms. Lowe for instance.
They do Fashion like no ozer!

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Anonymous said...

true :)