Fresh Prince back in the game

Ever feel like waking up in the morning and deciding..
"today i'm gon' get my colours on!"
weeeeell, while I was doing some fresh clothing research on the net,
I found these badass fresh-prince inspired caps.
they're the cutest most colourful balla hats ever!!!

new era @ city beach ain't got naaathin on these bad boys..

You can check these dope accessories at filthydripped.com, there's a few other fresh accesories so check the site out. they also sell DOOKIE CHAINS!

well they did but now they're sold out.. but keep an eye out they'll sell back soon again :)

Also for my dear friend Ms. Lala partner-in-crime (check her out at http://www.myspace.com/_princesslauren)
if you're reading this,
this one's for you!

it looks like a tissue paper roll no????

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