new shoot, back to blogging

major, MAJOR apologies on the lack of blog posts- college has taken over my life and I barely have time for anything else. Not all bad news though, lately I've been inspired to get back into blogging, and I figured what better way to rise from the dead than posting up a new photo shoot?

My most recent shoot with an old friend of mine, Kerlin who's planning to build up her modelling portfolio so I agreed to shoot her around our area.

The whole Photo Shoot can be viewed on my Facebook Photography page (become a fan and you can check 'em out) visit THEDARKHUEPHOTOGRAPHY


Miranda Shulia said...

Lovely outfit and nice model :)

Jessica said...

awesome shoot, you look great !

rio de` said...

cotdamnnn I've missed your posts! I def understand bout life keeping you busy andnot having time for le blog, but get back widdit, your content is one of my faves :)

Ingrid. said...

Beautiful shooot! I love it.

JustNorman said...

very nice. A+


Angelakatee said...

truly amazing janelle! xxxxx

Elena S. said...

beautiful dress!!
great blog btw ! lovely pics
id love for you to check my blog out
and dont forget to enter in my giveaway

xo elena