Death to all plagiarists.

First of all, I once again apologize for the lack of posts on my blog... I've recently just gotten back from a vacation in the sunshine state (Queensland) and I've again, fallen victim to neglecting this blog.

I write to you all with sadness on my behalf,
today I received a phone call from one of my College course coordinators (yes, I successfully got accepted into Bachelor of Design! :) and they called to inform me that someone has taken credit for my recent photoshoot- 'HARD CANDY' claiming it as their own, and handed it in to the SAME college I'm enrolled at in order to succeed into the same design course as me.

Obviously I felt a wave of emotions. I'm shocked, disappointed and flattered all at the same time. Though this isn't the first time this has happened to me, I've fallen victim of this same incident back when I did a muck-around photo shoot with my best mate.

It just makes me think of how risky it is for us photographers, stylists, designers to upload our material onto the internet- I mean I've watermarked all my photos so obviously this idiot cropped them out to make it look like it's theirs.

Whoever it is, if you're out there reading this- shame on you.
How can you live with yourself knowing you've taken credit for someone else's work?
Can you really be proud of yourself for telling lies?
How did it feel like copy pasting images from MySpace and cropping the watermark labels thinking what you're doing is O.K?
It just amazes me how desperate people can get in order to get what they want.
Well, as a very wise Whitehouse Coordinator once said,
'Their future at Whitehouse Design College is obviously non existent'.

I've learnt my lesson,
but have YOU?!

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Ingrid. said...

omg are you serious!? Who would do something like that? Did everything go well with the school after it?