Productive Day/Done & DIY'd

Just got home from a spontaneous night out to a desert cafe which definitely wasn't our original plan- Fast & the Furious 4 at the cinemas however, was.

Our plans slightly changed due to the overwhelming amount of F&F addicts (even at a 9.30pm session) which by the way, made me very depressed since I've been in the mood for some kickass Vin Diesel flavour this whole week (I recently just watched Babylon A.D.).
Since we couldn't go and see Paul Walker and Diesel battle it out like the buff men they are, we had no choice but to take Fast & the Furious to the streets ourselves, illegal street race style! Haha. I'm only playing, my mate did however manouver like a maniac while our friend's other car revved up ready to take on some Paul Walker stunts. There really is nothing like escaping to the heat of the night- crazy car rides, hysterical mates & European electronica music involved.

It was a good night, definitely what I needed.

Anyway! Today I DIY'd an old pair of just-above-the-knee length jeans. And with gaining inspiration from a fashion photograph I managed to stumble upon a few weeks ago, I decided studs were needed to jazz up a boring old pair of daisy duke knockoffs (lol).

You have got to excuse my face in these pictures (and my lack of tush, lol!), I have not worn make-up for a couple of days now, and who could be bothered putting some on just for the sake of quick pics?
I know I couldn't.

I know the studs are crooked, and the reason behind it was I was in the middle of re-DIYing my booties when I had a slight change of heart and decided to whip out my scissors and start going apecrazy on these jeans in the last minute.

I wasn't too happy with the end result, and I don't think I am up until now. But maybe it just needs some getting used to? I don't know, whaddya think..


rio tapatio said...

hahaha,, ummm,, the studs??? DOPEEEEE.

Anonymous said...

good work janzelle!!!
thanz for the award btw :)


Anonymous said...

it's not bad! the studs are a bit big though

trisch xo

thischicksgotstyle said...

I like the result! And you are such a pretty girl with an amazing haircut!
And I must confess, I share the justin bobby love ;)

check out my style too at

with love, said...

omgsh jan! your so skinny and cute, i hate you!! lol. your shorts are so badass!
where did you get your studs from? I've been looking for some and can't find any good ones anywhere :[

thischicksgotstyle said...

Oh, I just noticed your sweet comment on my blog, thanks!
Hahah yeah studding can be addictive ;)


LANA said...

Great diy!

dana isabel said...


Twobreadsplease said...

Love what you've done with the shorts!

Rachie-Pie said...

what are you kidding, be proud you done a good job! and the studs are a perfectly fine size!!i likeit on the cut ofs its the hotness

join twitter its so fun! i dnt no why..but it is.

voguemanie said...

oh my gosh... those are amazing. so well done! I remember seeing a photo of the original version and this is just as great! how did you get all the studs onto the jeans?

Angelakatee said...

babe u did a great job! xx.

Jazzle Dazzle said...

thanks all, and I know trisch! the studs are a bit big, that's why I'm kind of contemplating whether it looks good or not. And viv, I've only dug up old studded belts I had from the past, I haven't bought anything I've used specificially for a DIY project, I'm simply that lazy! haha x

Kristiana V said...

that looks great:) i did that on my old white jeans which i haven't worn for years,cause i suddenly decided they're not skinny enough, so now when i find the time i'll make them skinnier with the sewing machine, and hopefully will finally find a way to wear them:D

7024 said...