A Dance Crew to Watch Out for

It's been a while!

As part of the many things I spotlight on in this blog, local talent is definitely one that continue to strike me; from model friends to Youtube videos of up & coming artists, whatever catches my eye, obviously ends up right here.
I'm not one to put a label my site, this blog simply reflects anything from high fashion, avant garde art, amazing discoveries and dope entertainment. Which brings me to my little featurette for tonight.

I recently found out that one of my good mates has been dancing with his crew for quite some time now, and to be honest, I wasn't as excited with the thought of it, because it didn't strike me that he was much into hiphop dancing. (lol if you're reading this E, you know I was damn surprised- jaw drops involved) I decided to check his crew's stuff out on Youtube, and well what do you know- they are crazy cool!
They know how to move, choreography is wicked and the choice in beats exceeds the limit of good.

Without further brouhaha, here's two members from the Zig Zag crew (including my good friend Eric- in purple), doing their thing to 'Jockin' Jay-Z'.
(if anyone wants to skip ahead, ffw to around 0.45 and that's where the action begins.)

I know. Dope right. For all you Dwele lovers, here's one with all the crew dancing to I think I love you at around 0.45. For anyone who's wondering, E's the one with the red shorts & the black tee.

And there's plenty more of where that came from.
Source is http://www.youtube.com/user/4DuCkYDaNcE
They're one to look out for, the talent is there for sure.


rio tapatio said...

Hahah I have ALWAYS loved a boy that could dance. It's sexy. And it's cool, your friend's got that talent.!

rio tapatio said...

ps go sheckk my blog.!