Don't be so Paranoid

Rag & Bone couldn't be anymore 808s & Heartbreak inspired.

F/W 09/10.


Diane said...

Hey missy
I love your blog
and your style

ultra gorgeous&cute!
argh. i check back every now and then :P

i was wondering if you could share where you bought the cute diamond necklace
that you're wearing in the top left corner of this picture:


i love it to death and i'm trying to find it but i can't :(

i'd totally appreciate it if you could tell me

if not then

thanks anyway :)
keep blogging

Jazzle Dazzle said...

hi Diane,
thank you! you are too sweet

I've had that necklace for a couple of years now,
so I'm not too sure if you'll be able to find the exact one at gloss.
It's a common design anyway so I'm positive you'll find it at a common accessories store.

hope that helped!
thanks for your feedback,
much appreciated :)