Hello hello!
It's been a while since I've actually properly blogged -by that meaning lots of text- on here.
Let's start off by summing up today.
Despite the destructive heat (damn Australia for having this kind of weather, but then again we love it), today was actually quite fun.
Being the privileged year 12 students we are, (haha no cockyness indeed) we got to dock off pretty early, and well what do you know - we all had to drop by our favourite after school spot - blacktown westpoint. CLEARLY I was being sarcastic for none of us, over our dead bodies, would ever, ever come to love that place.
The good thing was that one of our great buds *whose name will not be mentioned for obvious purposes* being the awesome guy he is, managed to score us all movie vouchers for today.
Definitely a surprise for all of us as we put our plans aside (by that I mean going home early before blacktown turns into BTOWN) to watch the movie Role Models.
I've got to be honest, the movie was O.K.
O.K. as in average.
O.K. as in there's enough funny bits to reminisce about the next day.
O.K. as in PAUL RUDD IS AMAZING. (I'm a creep for thinking he's lovely)
But no one could beat these two out of the movie:

I would say, it's not as funny as Superbad - which by the way I've watched over and over again because of Michael Cera's adorable-ness, but it's worth the however the amount rate they charge you in the movies.
I'd do a full movie analysis of the movie, but clearly this isn't english class.
This however, is totally fitting for english class:

You can find it here: http://belongingareaofstudy.blogspot.com

It's a blog site specifically made for the year twelve 2009 english topic of "Belonging" and if you're out there and in the same year as me, I'd make use of this resource like a firecracker.
And well what do you know! It's on blogspot too.
Why not follow the blog while you're on there.
Or not.

Well I don't think I've much else to say, though I've much else to do so for now focus on this damn english poem analysis.
Blog Later!

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Fogell is absolutely amazing.