Thought I'd do one of these for today.

Do you love you ex?: oh no darling.
What did you last cry over?: jed's XPERIA phone :(
What's the last mistake you made?: leaving my laptop on for too long
Who was the last person you said I love you to?: my sister! naw
Who last slept in your bed?: myself, about 15 mins ago
Were you with them?: oh yes, I was with myself??
Where do you want to be?: New York, just in time for fashion week.
Who do you want to be with?: my significant other (if I had one - ha)
Do you honestly love your friends?: of course, no turning back
Who can always make you happy?: her name's Ava, and she's HILARIOUS
Who do you love to talk to the most?: not particularly anyone, but someone that's definitely interesting
Who hates you?: I don't pay attention to haters
Who do you hate?: only for comedic purposes, I have a big heart :)
What are you doing right now?: wishing to be at Bryant Park in a couple of days
What are your talents?: I can cry on the spot? I'd need to be in the zone though.. ha
How often do you cry?: not that often
What did you do last night?: study!!!!! I had no other choice
Would you ever go back out with an ex?: If I've considered them as a dud - then definitely no. And they're all duds.
What's the last movie you watched?: Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens
Ever been in true love?: no, I believe I'm far too young to believe in that
Ever smoked?: I don't think I'm badass enough
Done drugs?: same answer as above
Ever gone running?: all the time. especially because of the bus in the mornings
How much do you weigh?: I think I'm around 48 kg, I'm little!
How tall are you?: 154, if I'm lucky 156 cm???
Gone skinny dipping?: no but wouldn't that be fun! ......
Gone streaking?: that would be fun, but that's not my thing.
Played strip poker?: I don't even know how to play poker.
Bungie Jumped?: I'm alive right now aren't I
Sang Kareokee?: oh all the time!
Laughed at someone?: yeah at my friends.
Looked at someone funny?: hasn't everyone?
Own any thongs?: what like slippers?
Favorite animal?: meerkats!
Least favorite animal?: sharks & baboons. baboons because they're ugly.
Most missed Memory?: spending New Year's in Las Vegas!!!!!

Some of the questions I completely had to erase out.
They were stupid, silly and had this disturbing obsession with sexual innuendos.
wow. hello maturity!

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