Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

First off,
Happy New Year guys!!

Hope no one got up this morning feeling totally hammered and what not..
Well, considering I'm still underage to be partying like it's 2009,
I stayed home today and despite being invited to a New Year's party,
I chose to sit in front of the TV and watch a good film.
An artsy one in fact.

So, I read the synopsis that foxtel oh-so-kindly offers with each program they show,
and I immediately thought - yep I'm all set, this movie's going to be all about fashion.
Little did I know,
this movie was going to be one of the most inspirational, moving love stories revolving around probably, one of the world's most renowned photographers of the twentieth century.

"Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus", stars Nicole Kidman portraying the iconic figure of Diane Arbus, an American photographer later recognized for capturing portraits of people in society - from transvestites, to dwarfs to ordinary working class people.
Might I say, what lured me the most into this movie, was the immediate feel of true romantic chemisty Robert Downey Jr. and Ms. Kidman share in the film.
Being a huge Robert Downey fan, I knew I had to sit this one down and watch it.

The plot in a nutshell:

Basically Nicole plays Diane Arbus - a common Upper East Side wealthy (thanks to her parents), married woman to a popular fashion photographer at the time (the movie's set in the wonderous 60's), and has a well set, rich and ordinary American family.
But when a new neighbour moves in at the apartment above, her whole life is turned wayyy around.
She discovers Lionel Sweeney, a charming and witty man (played by Robert Downey Jr. ofcourse) that lures her into his fabulous world of wigs and freak-show friends. Lionel by the way, has a rare disorder that involves hair to grow in every inch of his body, therefore he looks like a real-life Chubaca, and instead of hating on himself - he cuts his hair every once in a while and makes wigs out of them, for a living.
Fast forward the movie a couple of scenes later, they fall in a forbidden love only to be put to an end by Lionel's lung disease.
Now, as Lionel introduces Diane (Nicole Kidman) into his extraordinary life,
she's intrigued and therefore starts to actually take photographs she wants to take, despite her family's disagreement.

The film isn't a detailed biography, but rather a highly fictionalized story of Diane's introduction into the nostalgic world of photography.
You can see a strong link though, towards the end of the movie on why Diane would've taken pictures of giants, dwarfs and people who don't look so ordinary (no discrimination here).
The film's cinematography is interesting and luscious, the structure's kinda like Big Fish by Tim Burton.
What's really intriguing about the film is that it's so out of the ordinary, and contrasts the whole white-picket fence image most families had back in the late 50s - versus the circus-kind-of-world of freak-show like characters.
Plus I've gotta give it to Robert Downey Jr.
He's so effortlessly charming. I mean c'mon Iron Man!

My point is,
If you're into movies that have depth and emotion, and if you're also into flicks set back in the 50s and 60s, then why not have a sit and watch this one??
It's actually educational, and if it wasn't for this movie, I wouldn't have gained not only knowledge on photographers, but also inspiration on photographing out of the ordinary subjects in society.
A little Caution! note though- this movie does involve a heavy dose of full frontal (and backside) nudity.
Definitely not for the faint-hearted.
In the plus side, there's a little scene involving old school, 50s VOGUE magazines.
I've got to say, they are truly glamorous without even trying.

I've also got to post some of her creations, they're so enigmatic and some are quite haunting.

Might I add, Diane Arbus is probably one of the very few intriguing artists I've ever come across. I mean straight after the movie, I couldn't help but Wikipedia her out.

Well that's all for now folks!
Just thought I'd share my little inspiration of the day.
To whoever has seen it or is going to - I'd appreciate feedback!
Enjoy my loves.


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