Good Evening Upper East Siders

introducing my first blog ever..

so I think it's just fair that I introduce myself properly
and probably give a reason why I'm actually starting a blog amongst how many millions of people who've already either reached the absolute zenith, or reached nothing at all.

.. that's not the point

first and foremost (cos I really wanted to include the sense of formality-no)
I go by the name of Janelle, and just to add a bit of mystery here and there - I won't include my last name :)
but ya'll can call me Janzelle, Janzie, Ms. J, Jeezy, Young J - haha yeah wassup.
preferrably Ms. Jay since that's what it says on my blog???

anyway enough'a that.
Just a quick summary of my life, (to those who are actually nice enough to read and not skip ahead)
I was born in Manila, Philippines and came here when I was about 9 - yeah NOO I ain't fresh ladies & gentlemen.
I lived in Ashfield for a while, and I remember seeing the Harbour Bridge in the distance and thinking,
actually no I don't think I've ever said that haha. I'm a dreamer,
but that ain't my type of dream.
Anyway, I basically went through every musical phase possible.
recently one of my mates posted a comment to me on MySpace that included probably one of the most embarrassing pictures I've ever taken, and the golden thing was - It wasn't candid,
It was just a simple picture of me and my mates - BUT
here's the cringer.
Picture a 14 yr old asian girl.
wearing a white bandana on her head because she thinks she's HxC ("hardcore" from that Hardcore emo era),
rockin a "I'M WITH THE BAND" black singlet, and stuntin' a side leather slouch packed with about 20 badges each saying something unbelievably cliche, emo, teenybopper and SO Simple Plan!
- kudos to SP, I never really hated you guys but Yellowcard's got my heart

Yeah you can say it.
emo emo emo emo emo. All I can do is laugh about it now. It's definately one of those "WTF WAS I THINKING" moments. Cos I'm so kind hearted and don't mind about laughing at myself along with the rest of the world, I might actually post the damn photo up. Keep an eye out guys, actually no need to. It'll stand out like a mother.
-__________- Yes embarrassing.

Fast forward a few years later,
through all the different phases of loving rock, acoustics, hardcore and indie,
I can safely say, hip hop has always been in my roots.
I just want to point out - I'm not a one-genre kinda girl, I was in the past though, no lies.
But right now, I'm loving alotta things from The Presets to Yeezy to Ms. Spears (I was a die hard fan back in the day. But one hero's really hitting me hard right now, and that's Mr. Kanye West, after going to his Glow In The Dark Tour last night, I feel like i've definately reached one of my lifetime goals. (I'll post up a review later)

Anyway, I'm getting kinda tired of writing this lifestory I doubt anyone would read but hey,
I guess everyone who's starting a blog should include a decent bio right??

Thanks to whoever's reading this,
frankly I don't mind whether this site gets 500 hits within the next month or
no views at all,
except those occasional bored mothers who google anything from cheese to porn and randomly end up in this awesome-shenanigan-of-a-blog site,
then i just want to say thanks guys and I guess I'll be posting alot of pictures, vids and ofcourse,
those random jaw-dropping shit people find on the net.
But most of all - I'll be posting shit I'd want to read about in blogs.

So here's to my first blog post.

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